Annotated Bibliography

Intro to Annotated Bibliography Assignment Instructions


For this assignment, you are going to work on creating an annotation for two journal articles. For the purpose of this assignment, pretend your topic is discussing the relationship between LMX and Transformational Leadership.

The first article is:

Coleman, R. & Donoher, W. (2022). Looking beyond the dyad: How transformational leadership affects leader-member exchange quality and outcomes. Journal of Leadership Studies, 15(4), 6-17.

The second article is:

Liao, H. & Chuang, A. (2007). Transforming service employees and climate: A multilevel, multisource examination of transformational leadership in building long-term service relationships. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(4), 1006-1019.

You will include an APA 7th edition-formatted citation for each of these journal articles. Be aware of commonly missed citation rules:

· Be sure to italicize the title of the journal and the volume numbers.

· You only capitalize the first word of the title of an article and any word in an article that occurs after a punctuation mark.

· Include the DOI number. Do not include the link from the top of your browser. This is inaccessible outside of the Liberty network.


You will submit your assignment in the following format:

· Page 1: Bullet point outline for Coleman & Donoher (2022) article

· Page 2: Paragraph-form annotation for Coleman & Donoher (2022) article

· Page 3: Bullet point outline for Liao & Chuang (2007) article

· Page 4: Paragraph-form annotation for Liao & Chuang (2007) article

The bullet point outline for each of these articles will include a full APA citation and answer the following questions. Use headers to distinguish your sections.

Full Citation

Include an APA-formatted citation underneath this header.


· What is the main topic the researcher(s) are discussing?

· What are the main arguments?

· What are the main findings of the research?


· Is this source useful in your topic?

· How does it compare to other sources?


· How does this source fit into your writing specifically?

· How do you plan to use it?

The paragraph-form annotation will begin with the APA-formatted citation and include a paragraph underneath that takes your bulleted information above and summarizes it.

For this assignment, you have only been provided one additional source. In your Assess section, you will want to find something in the other source that either supports or refutes the findings and conclusions of the other source.

In your discussion of how the source is useful, you will need to be specific on why it is important to use and exactly how you will use it in your writing to shape your arguments. If you were actually writing a small paper, which we will do in the Discussion Thread: Marketing, how do you think this topic would be helpful as it relates to the relationship between LMX and Transformational Leadership?

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