Statement of Purpose for Business Analytics Scholarship Paper

I am applying to Hamline university (Minnesota) for my masters program in Business analytics and I need help with my statement of purpose. English being my second language I need help with it.

Format: Times new Roman

Font: 12

A personal statement answering the following:

Please describe your reasons for pursuing a MS in Business Analytics at Hamline university . What are your career aspirations?

  • Please describe what makes the Hamline program appealing to you. What skills do you seek to strengthen; what challenges do you seek to overcome?

Please describe your experience with programming languages and analytical software, including but not limited to Excel, Python, R, SAS, SPSS, SQL, and Tableau.

Please describe your experience with mathematics or statistics, either academic and/or professional.

  • I have done python certification course online and  I did my undergrad in Healthcare administration and I have academic experience with my math classes.  I took statistics and college algebra in my undergrad studies. I also took statistical thinking, Business statistics: Data sources, Presentation and Analysis

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