Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship

A maximum of 250 words, please explain Why you should be selected to receive a Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship?

Personal circumstances: Please use this opportunity to share any personal circumstances that your would like us to consider when reviewing your application. A little about me that you may want to know im from a low income based family( we have little to nothing) i have 3 kids of my own(4,1,2 months) trying to make ends meet. My parents didnt gradue highschool nor did they attend highschool. Im a single parent not by choice but life pretty much hit me hard pretty quickly. I dont have any support or help; im out here on my own.This scholarship would be a life saver for me and take so much burden and weight off my shoulder. Came from a small town and high school(lincoln high in mcclellanville sc)that barely got enough recognition. Would hope i am qualified and earn this scholarship because it would not only mean alot to me but my kids would be able to see their mother achieve her goals through the struggle.

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