reccomendation letter for my colleague

Write a reccomendation letter for my colleague; we worked together for 3 years in the banking industry. she is applying for a nursing scholarship; nursing always been her passion

The second recommendation letter should be from an individual who is familiar with the applicant’s professional, community, and/or civic activities, especially those related to underserved communities and, if applicable, federal pipeline program experience. The recommender can be a current or former employer, community leader, colleague, or anyone who has knowledge of the applicant’s demonstrated work and/or interest and motivation to provide care to underserved communities. Applicants should encourage recommenders to document any experience in high priority service areas (i.e. Indian Health, Rural, Tribal, FQHC, and CHC) or federal pipeline programs. The recommender must describe his or her relationship to and length of time acquainted with the applicant. The non-academic recommendation letter must have the applicant’s name and application ID number and the recommender’s name, title, organization, and address. The completed recommendation must be signed and uploaded to the online recommender portal. The recommendation letter should address the discussion points described in the instructions to the recommender. The evaluator cannot be a relative of the applicant, or be the same in

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