reasons why you want to participate in NSLI-Y.

List and explain three (3) reasons why you want to participate in NSLI-Y. Explain how those three reasons could benefit me and represent me as a studious scholar in Korea.

The essay must be 250 words. NSLI-Y is a national study abroad program and focuses towards giving scholarships to scholars to travel and learn in a country for free. Please make sure you show dedication and interest towards learning in a different country. Do not use things like “I want to go sight-seeing” or anything along the lines because that is not the purpose of the program. Please highlight that Korea is the country that I want to study in for six or seven weeks.

Describe a time in the past 2-3 years when you worked hard towards a goal but did not achieve it. How did you react? What did you do?

The second essay must be 250 words as well. You can come up with any situation that suits the narrative. The point of the prompt is to show how one can adapt and keep moving forward. You can make the essay along those guidelines but also show that it is not easy to work hard towards something, then realizing that you are going to meet that goal.

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