Personal Statement for Scholarship

Personal Statement

Please write a 300-500 word personal statement in response to the prompt below.

Your statement should be structured similarly to an assignment in an academic class. Your statement will be evaluated primarily on your content and ideas (your central thesis and supporting evidence) and how well you express yourself, and secondarily on writing conventions such as organization, style, and mechanics.

Prompt: Please describe a meaningful educational experience that has been valuable to you but was not directly related to an academic class. Some examples are extra-curricular activities, community service projects, internships, or other life events. What did you learn about yourself and your educational and career goals?

Because your statement says much about you, it should be thoughtfully composed and carefully produced. Tips for writing the statement:

  • • Address the prompt.
  • • Support your statement with specific, concrete examples.
  • • Avoid sweeping generalizations and clichés (overused statements).
  • • Communicate your ideas clearly.
  • • Organize your statement logically. Examples would be to organize your points from most important to least important or by chronology.
  • • Proofread carefully for grammatical and typographical errors.

Other Activities

Please describe your extracurricular and/or co-curricular high school/college activities. These may include your involvement with: the international baccalaureate (IB); advanced placement courses; CLEP; dual credit; as well as activities (band, choir, theatre, school related organizations). We may consider this information in scholarship “tie breaker” situations.

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