leadership skills and enthusiasm.

 worked for a start up small business (existing for 2 years), I worked there for 7 months as Accounts Payable Bookkeeper. The name of the company is Global Calling Center, INC. Located in Jordanville, NY. For the scholarship this is what needs to be done..

  • Include a 350-500 word essay (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font) that articulates and demonstrates how you have helped a start-up company become an operating business that is economically and logistically sustainable for the future.
    • Chart the progress of this business from your first engagement to the present day, focusing on how your skillsets, business idea(s), and leadership have helped the company successfully establish itself and meet its business obligations and challenges.
    • Describe how your experience in developing this potential venture has affected your leadership skills and enthusiasm. Be sure to articulate all outcomes and evidence of your role in supporting the start-up business.


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