collaborators that exhibit critical thinking skills

Explain your reasons for pursuing a doctoral degree. If selected to be a McNair Scholar, what research topic(s) would you be interested in researching and how is this research related to your educational/career goals? How will the McNair Scholars Program assist you in making your educational/career goals possible? Please specify your projected timetable for obtaining the Ph.D.

Education has been a strong focal point in my life. I believe that when you pursue a degree in higher education, it truly enhances your quality of life in a variety of areas. In my opinion, you acquire more financial freedom and you become more apt to obtain better career opportunities that will strengthen your personal and career goals. As the second of three Hamptonian sisters and a rising junior, I would like to continue my educational journey by pursuing my doctoral degree in liberal studies, journalism, or architectural design. All three fields of study has sparked my interest and helped to narrow and shape my future goals and career path. My passion for dance and drawing and photography, is undeniable and has played an extensive role in shaping who I am as an individual. Therefore, my primary motivation for obtaining a higher education degree has the ability to enhance my doctoral research study. Currently, I am majoring in Liberal Studies with a minor in Journalism. During my learning experiences thus far, I had vast opportunities to learn many valuable lessons in writing, costume design, drawing, mock interviews, editing, and library preservation. The McNair Scholars Program will help to assist me achieve my educational/career paths by setting me up for success. It will also give me the opportunity to educate me on different types of graduate programs in schools cross the United States. As well as building a connection with people that are a part of the program I would like to be a part of. I have been a member of the TRIO program since middle school and was fortunate to explore multiple field experiences on various college/university campuses. These cultural and educational experiences served as a pathfinder by narrowing my current major. If I had the opportunity to receive the McNair Scholarship, I will be able to continuously magnify my craft in order to help others. My ultimate goal is to open a dance studio and be a beacon of light that will help shape and cultivate young minds by building their courageous spirits as they explore their creativity. My desire is to help learners become effective communicators that encompasses innovative designs in order to compete in our ever-changing global society. I plan to lead by example for generations to come through after my generation and many more. Ultimately, with all the education I have been given, I would love to encourage younger kids that may have similar interest in the field of arts to think outside the box, be creative and different and dream big. One thing I’ve learned about my major at Hampton University is that in the field of Liberal Arts, there are so many jobs that a lot of people aren’t educated on. Someone who has encouraged me during my time thus far at Hampton, was an Alumni by the name of Ruth E. Carter. Her degree was the Bachelor of Arts Degree which is the exact degree I am currently in. With so many people and helpful icons surrendered around me, I am grateful enough to be where I am today.

-collaborators that exhibit critical thinking skills

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