Building our Knowledge of the Story Cycle

Building our Knowledge of the Story Cycle
Like the previous discussion post, compose a reading reflection journal in which you discuss one, or one set, of the themes listed below in one of the stories, “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine,” or “A Real Durwan.” To do so, make sure that you present evidence (meaning quotes) from the text, to demonstrate your skills with close textual analysis. In addition, make sure that your reading response journal contains an argument, an opinion, about how the theme(s) are used. Here are the themes from which you may choose:
barriers to communication
care / neglect
love / loss
race / racism
Journals should be thesis driven with supporting examples and evidence
Journals should be written in MLA format using Times New Roman 12pt font
Journals should be 250-350 words
Since you are providing quotes and close visual analysis, a separate works cited page is expected.

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