traffic accidents.

Every year, more than 1.25 million people die on the world’s roads because of traffic accidents, and approximately 50 million people are injured. In low and middle-income countries, a significant number of inpatient beds are occupied by individuals injured in traffic accidents.

If serious measures and precautions are not implemented, road traffic accidents are expected to be the eighth leading cause of death in the world and the primary contributor to the global issue of illness and injury by 2030. Every year, 90% of traffic fatalities occur in low and middle-income countries, despite accounting for only 54% of vehicles registered worldwide. This demonstrates that the impact of the accident is highly skewed in relation to the number of vehicles involved.

According to a system concept based on man environmental changes and instabilities of Muhlard and Lassare, the main reason for road traffic accidents is usually faults in three main constituents of road safety such as the environment, the human, and the vehicle. RTAs can be prevented by implementing a combination of measures, including enhancing road infrastructure, enforcing traffic laws, promoting safe driving practices, and developing safer vehicles.

Efforts to reduce the number of RTAs is being made by governments, international organizations, and other stakeholders through initiatives like the Decade of Action for Road Safety, which is a global campaign aimed to decrease RTA deaths and injuries by 2020.

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