Identify flaws in Shawn’s ideas about time management and some techniques he can use to figure out how he divides his time.

Provide 5-6 sentences to post below:
1. Identify flaws in Shawn’s ideas about time management and some techniques he can use to figure out how he divides his time.
Like most of us, Shawn has the stress of work, family, and friends while also juggling school work. Unfortunately, he puts those things above his school work hence why he thinks he doesn’t have enough time for him to complete the work. Shawn needs to figure out what is most important in his life. Are friends more important than school work? He needs to prioritize these things and once he does that, it will be easier for him to figure out how he needs to spend his time. 
2. What strategies can Shawn use to take control and effectively manage his time once he figures out where his time is going?
Once Shawn figures out where his time is going, getting a daily planner will definitely help him keep track of the things going on in his life. Having a planner can help him choose a time for him to study or do his school work, pick a time for friends, and for his family as well. It also very important to take breaks. In The Pocket Guide to College Success, Shusan states that overworking your brain can make you become stressed and tired. Take a short break after studying or doing your homework for a while. Make sure you take time for yourself, go on a mini vacation on the weekend, or just pick a day or time to just relax and do absolutely nothing. It may also help to set alarms at the time you have set aside for school work if you are forgetful or are busy throughout the day.
Shushan, J. (2019). The Pocket Guide to College Success (3rd Edition). Macmillan Higher Education.
3. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Shawn completing his coursework online, and what is the role of time management when taking online classes?
One of the advantages of completing your coursework online is the ability to do it whenever you have time, before the deadline of course. However, there are disadvantages as well. One of the disadvantages is people tend to procrastinate when they can do it on their own time. Because of that, Shawn has a hard time keeping up with his coursework. Whenever it comes to taking online classes, time management is the most important skill to learn. The role of time management is to make sure that you set aside time throughout either your day or week to make sure that you get your assignments done on time. Time management will help you figure out when you have time for your friends, family, school work, and regular work as well. Learning how to manage your time early on is extremely important.
4. What are some potential challenges you think Shawn will face as he navigates his current situation? Do you share any of these time management challenges? If so, what is your plan to combat them?
One of the challenges Shawn will face is learning how to say no to friends and maybe even family. Disappointing friends and family is something we all hate. Once Shawn figures out his priorities, hanging out with friends should be at the bottom of the list which will mean telling them no. I know it’s easier said than done, but he may also have to find a new job if his manager can’t understand his situation. Finding a new job may not be ideal, but having an understanding manager is something that may also help alleviate his stress. I do share some of the same time management challenges as well, the main challenge being procrastination. We all procrastinate, but after learning the 3-2-1 trick hopefully I can turn that into a habit to help overcome my unhealthy habit of procrastination.

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