Describe your Strategic Planning and Management Experience

Week 1 Discussion – Describe your Strategic Planning and Management Experience
1. Please indicate two aspects of strategic planning and management that are of interest to you and describe why they are of interest.   Additionally, describe your strategic planning/management experiences and knowledge.  Table 1.1 in your eBook is entitled Defining Strategy: The Five Ps.  In your professional experience, which of the 5 Ps of strategy has been the most important?   PLEASE expound upon your selected most important “P” strategy experience. Your response to this forum must be at least 250 words. 
2. Responses to two classmates are also required.
Etiquette –Please adhere to providing open, frank, yet civil dialogue in the discussion as specified in the Professor’s Expectations Handout (BA 346 Expectations.pdf Download BA 346 Expectations.pdf ).
Please note your original post is due by Tuesday, May 17, 2022, by midnight.  Responses to two classmates are also required and due by May 20, 2022, by midnight.  Users must post to see classmates’ replies to this discussion.
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