Chronic Fatigue Syndrome condition

For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome condition, address the following research review question:
Using evidence from empirical research, what psychological intervention appears to be most effective in treating or managing the symptoms of [your chosen condition]?
Why is this approach more effective than others?
To complete this task well you should:
Identify and explain the illness you have chosen.

Identify and explain the psychological treatment you have identified as most effective in assisting with symptoms of your chosen illness
Explain to the reader: What is the treatment. Why might this treatment be effective in theory?
Ensure that your work is based on thorough investigation of psychological literature (using journal database search)

Use current empirical research to explain why this treatment is effective relative to other treatments, consider questions like:
In what studies has this treatment been shown to improve symptoms?
With what populations?
Using which experimental methods?
What other approaches has the identified approach been compared with?
Why were other approaches less successful?

Conclude by explaining how the psychological approach can be used in holistic treatment of the patient.

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