child’s immunization

A mother arrives at the pediatrician’s clinic for her daughter’s six-months child routine check-up. Her scheduled appointment time 10 am passed and she is still waiting by 11.30 am. The front desk receptionist politely tells the mother that the pediatrician has been called to an emergency. If she were your child, you would want the doctor to attend to her.” Although the mother understands the reason for the delay, this explanation does not change the fact that she has to pick up her son from preschool at noon.

The mother asks if her daughter can at least get the immunization today and have the rest of the visit at another time. A clinic nurse hurriedly administers the child’s immunization while quietly complaining to the mother that she is often too busy to get a lunch break. If you were in charge. What would you do to change this norm? What recommendations would you present to the management whilst making use of your knowledge about quality?

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