Why childhood education (kindergarten) is important

-Why childhood education (kindergarten) is important (include sources from Froebel) (2pgs)
-Boundaries to learning: Fine motor skills, cognitive, (2 pgs)
-Opportunities to learn: Definitions, linguistics, skill, aesthetic, history (2pgs)
-Defining play, what makes play, play? (about children not needing to have high skills when it comes to play based learning) (1pg)
-Historical Perceptions of Play (1pg)
-The importance of Play-based pedagogies in early childhood education (2pg)
-Comparing play based learning to other learning structures that are more rigid or less experimental. (Why with children the play based approach is better.) (2 pg)
-Play based pedagogy theories (e.g. Piaget and Vlotosky, Maria Montessori and Reggio Emelia more maybe?.) (3 pgs)
-The atmosphere of a play based learning area: Play based approaches as needing a safe and caring environment. Something that they are used to. materials safe, play as they learn, need their safe haven. (2 pgs)
-Learning art in a play-based approach (e.g victor lowenfeld and Day & Hurwitz) (3 pgs)

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