The philosophy of religion and/or the existence of God.

These philosopher’s and ethicist’s are arguing about the philosophy of religion and/or the existence of God. Some philosopher’s criticisms regarding Anselm and Descartes may be found here: Fordham University.
Sample Outline:
Title Page
Introductory paragraph: Begin by stating the author’s full name and title of the work you are “glossing” in your essay.
I. A statement of the author’s thesis explained in your own words (Underlined) and preview of points to be discussed in the essay.
II. Identify any special terms that are needed to understand the paper (e.g., relativism).
III. A “gloss” of the argument(s).
(“Gloss” is defined as something like a brief sketch, which highlights the argument, issues, and objections).
A. Argument(s) or chain of reasoning
B. Issues related to the argument(s)
C. Objections or “contrary” views to the argument(s)
IV. A careful reading and summary of the argument, but do not interpret the value of the argument presented. Do not take sides on the issue.
V. A careful identification of supporting points and objections to the argument.

VI. Conclusion

VII. Works Cited page

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