Needs Assessment Action Plan

The first step to taking action is to figure out the problems. The purpose of this assignment is to design a brief needs assessment based on an area that you identify in your work or in your life. Then, you will make an action plan to fill in the gaps identified by the needs assessment. To complete this assignment, you will:
1. Start by describing a problem or gap that you would like to know more about in order to produce an action plan. What are the issues?
2. Produce an action plan on the Needs Assessment Action Plan
3. The action plan should be formulated from the results of the survey.
4. Use the ANCC Needs Assessment and Identifying a Gap in Knowledge, Skills, and/or Practices document in your readings to guide you in filling in the action plan.
5. Turn in the following:
Your needs assessment questions with a summary of the data that you gathered.
This should be about two (2) paragraphs discussing the results of your questionnaire/survey. Address each question that was in the survey. (No names please)
Your completed action plan.

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