Do you think the family is in crisis in Canada today?

Do you think the family is in crisis in Canada today?
Popenoe, D. (1993). American family decline, 1960-1990: A review and appraisal. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 527-542.
How to Retrieve this Article: Enter the name of the article (“American family decline, 1960-1990: A review and appraisal”) in the search bar of the MacEwan online library. Follow the ‘Find It’ prompts. If you have any problems accessing this article, please contact a librarian. Librarians can be reached in-person or online through the MacEwan online library ‘chat’ feature.
About the Article/Author:
David Popenoe is an American sociologist of the family. The central thesis of his body of work is that the [nuclear] family is deteriorating and that this represents a significant threat to society- increasing crime, decreasing educational attainments of children, and increasing childhood poverty for example. Popenoe is speaking to the American situation, but most of his broader points could equally be made by someone (with similar theoretical/political leanings) evaluating the Canadian situation as well.
Critical Reading Assignment: Critically respond to the article with a sociological lens. To guide your reading, reflection, and writing, it will be helpful to consider (1) the Structural Functionalist perspective on how the roles families fulfill contribute to the stability of society; (2) the Conflict or Feminist perspective on how the nuclear family exploits families/women; and/or (3) the Symbolic Interactionist perspective on how we ‘do families.’

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