Culture Project Research Paper.

Complete the outline for your Culture Project Research Paper. Make sure your outline includes at least one paragraph for each of the following four sections, addressing the key questions:
1. What is your group’s history related to prejudice and discrimination?
o What are the legal, political, and economic challenges facing this group?
o What are historical and current forms of individual and institutionalized discrimination facing this group?
2. If applicable, what is your group’s immigration experience?
o What are levels of assimilation?
o What are immigration trends over time?
3. What are your group’s health outcomes?
o How has prejudice and racism affected your group’s health?
o What is your group’s access to medical care and medical insurance?
o What are major illnesses affecting your group?
o What are the leading causes of death?
o What are the most pressing healthcare challenges facing your group today?
4. What are best practices for health care practitioners who engage with this group?
o Verbal and nonverbal communication style
o Cultural considerations
o Beginning and end-of-life decisions
o Dietary guidelines
o How gender affects medical decision-making
Your outline also needs to:
· Incorporate research related to your topic for each section. Keywords are not enough to earn credit. Include evidence such as statistics, data, or quotes from experts. It is recommended that you utilize the LIRN Library when conducting research for this project. You can access the LIRN Library in your Canvas navigation bar.
· Include an APA-formatted (7th edition) reference page with at least four scholarly sources.

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